What is Cards Against Humanity?

Custom Cards Against Humanity, what is Cards Against Humanity?
Do you like playing party games? Are you looking for the best party games out there? If so then you have found one of the best party games out there. Card Against Humanity is a party game for teenagers and up, that means it is rated 17 +.
So what is the game? Well to best explain it I would suggest going to the creators website: cardsagainsthumanity.com and see for yourself. Any attempt at explaining it would just confuse you…
So after visiting the creators website, or at least browse this easy to see PDF rules of the game – Free PDF.

So do you like one of the best party games out there? One of the most popular party games for teenagers? Well then welcome to the world of Cards Against Humanity. Better yet, welcome to the world of Custom Cards Against Humanity. This is a place, no wait a community where you can create your own custom playing cards for one of the most popular party games out there, Cards Against Humanity.
If you play the games a couple of time you start to wonder what other sentences, black cards and words, white cards you can add to this popular party game. Well to be honest almost anything can be added, some are really hilarious. Custom Cards Against Humanity is a community where people can share ideas for custom playing cards.
Download the PDF files and start playing the game. Better yet, order the original game from Amazon.com or from the official website www.cardsagainsthumanity.com.
Once you get started, sign up to our community and start adding you own ideas for custom cards against humanity playing cards. Then you will be all set to have one of the best party games out there which is sure to supply you with countless hours of fun party games.


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