The fifth element has arrived. It’s on!

So when the most amazing game ever, cards against humanity, releases a new expansion set including one hundred new cards of which seventy five will be white and of course twenty five black cards. Now comes the amazing crazy addition, there will be twelve blank cards! Yes ! 12 new blank cards. Eight blank white cards and four blank black cards.
Now if you have been reading some of our blogs you know what we’re all about, custom cards against humanity. So finally you have official blank cards available now as well. We love you cards against humanity.
Let us get back to our topic, the fifth element has arrived. The fifth expansion set from cards against humanity is out and it is just amazing.
All the reviews out there are raving about it. But we know how good this game is. We have been creating out own cards for some time now. We invite you to buy the fifth expansion set from Amazon and also continue to create your own custom cards against humanity and share them with our community here at custom cards against humanity.
Now it is the holidays and I tell you this is the perfect gift for your loved ones and what better than to get them a game you will all enjoy around the house through out the holidays. Just perfect! So how do you make perfect better? Custom cards against humanity is how. Make a perfect family and friends game better. Keep adding your packs and crating your own jokes.

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