Party games for teenagers

The best party game for teenagers and birthday parties!
My niece told me she went to a birthday party for her friends 18th birthday the other week. It was at the girls grandparents house and they happen to have a board game out by the pool deck. The card game was Cards Against Humanity. It so happens the girls grandparents play the game every Tuesday night with 2 other couples they enjoy the company of. On a hot summary day they happen to play Cards Against Humanity for several hours while enjoying a good bottle of wine. The girls birthday party did not have alcohol in it but plenty of fun and excitement came from opening the black box of Cards Against Humanity.
Instantly the card game became a hit. It was as if it was created to be a birthday party game. Honestly I enjoy Cards Against Humanity much better with a few people playing it but apparently it was a birthday party game success.
The reason I am telling you this story is because very quickly my niece noted that someone at the party said they should make more cards of their own and people starting throwing ideas in the air. Many laughs were shared and great ideas were shared. Too bad they don’t have a place to share ideas and even get some new ones and create their own Custom Cards Against Humanity playing cards. There is a place like that! Its called custom cards against humanity and that is the place to share your custom playing cards for one of the best party games out there. Suitable for adults ages 17 and until young elderly grandparents. Possibly the best party game for teenagers, best party game for a group of friends and best birthday party game? Actually it might just possibly be the best party game in recent history.

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