Party game with Cards Against Humanity recap from Diego

Diego one of our first Custom Cards Against Humanity Community member has shared with us the following party game story he encountered over the weekend.

Needless to say that one of the most popular games currently on Amazon is Cards Against Humanity. Diego has his own deck of Custom Cards Against Humanity which is one of the most downloaded deck from our site. Printing the cards is extremely easy, so Diego has his done and ready for the party he is going to. You can do the same and get your FREE PDF on our site. It was a sunny weekend with temperatures in the high 80’s.  There were 2 more Cards Against Humanity packs brought by other party members, but none had our Custom Cards added to them which is a damn shame i tell you!  They were all good long time friends and knew each very well. Playing Cards Against Humanity is a tradition with them an they got about 5 hours of total game play with a lunch break for pizza. The jokes were crazy funny and the expansion set got very high reviews from the party goers. By far this was voted the best party game for young adults that are looking to have good old fun with words.

“The game is all about having fun and this is just what we did!” said Diego. He suggested to all of his friends to joint the Custom Cards Against Humanity Community and share their card ideas and video of the game play. Diego did video some very funny jokes but not all players involved wished to be exposed. So it is up to you readers and community members to break the ice and share with us a memorable party game video of you and your friends and family with Cards Against Humanity.

 Custom Cards Against Humanity will keep adding new cards and help grow our community.

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