Learning English

This fascinating game has been played by many but not very commonly know all over the world. Developed as a game for New Year by a group of Highland Park High School it has made its mark. This game is a funny and entertaining game for adults to play.

Cards against Humanity are a great game to teach you some crazy sentences in English. For adults learning English is difficult to do. Out of experience we all know that the first things you learn in any language is the funny words or the swear word. This game is actually an easy way of learning the English language. It will teach you how to correctly spell words in English and sentence structure.

Cards against humanity are played much like Charades or Balderdash. You get ten white answer cards each and then choose a Czar, each round someone else will be randomly picked to be the Czar. The Czar is the player that takes a black question card of the top of black cards. He then reads the question to the other players who in turn each select an answer cards from the ten they hold. These answers are then passed to the Czar face down. He shuffles them and then reads the question card inserting the answers of each. He decides which one is best and that player gets the black card. A new Czar is picked and each player draws a new white card to make up the ten again. The player with more black cards than the other players at the end of the game is the winner.

I would definitely get this game and play it every weekend, the sentences that you put together is hilarious. It is unlike anything that you have ever played. You have not really played a game until you have played Cards against Humanity.

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