How to play Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is one of the hottest party game out there right now!( so you must know how to play ! )

Cards Against Humanity is a party game played with white and black cards. Each white card

has a word or a number of word consisting of a saying. Each black card has a sentence with

a blank word missing. The goal of the game is one player asks a question/sentence from a

black card, and each other player answers with their funniest white card out of the 10 they

have. The player asking the question picks the funniest one out of the bunch. The player

who’s card was chosen receives the black card which counts as a point. Winning the game

means you made everyone laugh, losing the game means you laughed all the way there.

How easy is it to play cards against humanity. If I had to teach someone how to play cards

against humanity I would just sit them down, deal the cards and show them a couple of

rounds. I am sure they will be hooked right of the bat.

So if you are still not convinced and you have not understood my explanation on how to play

cards against humanity then here is the link for the official game rules from the creators. I

suggest buying the game from the creators you can choose where from I suggest Amazon.

If you do not want to wait and want to start playing the game right now as you wait or your

Amazon order you can come to and download your

favorite language from the available FREE PDF they have. The FREE PDF are available also

on the creators website in English but Custom Cards Against Humanity have some other

languages available. Check FREE PDF page on Custom Cards Against Humanity.

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