Games online

Online games are cool. They allow you to sit at home, or at a coffee place or anywhere with internet access and play. What are games online you ask? Today kids go somewhere and the first thing they do is ask is there a computer/iPad/mini iPad/ Tablet/anything that can make the boredom go away….Kids go online and search of games online. Think about it, you go somewhere and think of what can I do that is fun? Kids think the same, what can I play/do that is fun. Games online? search that and you get tons of online games that will turn your kids into Zombies. Zombies I tell you! It is insane that amount of games out there for your kids to play online. Games online have taken a big part of the internet revolution from day one. They are usually easy to make and those that catch on make their creators millions in revenues. So thus the millions of games out there. Just like American Idol or any other singing contest out there. Many want the fame and fortune only few make it there.
So, games online have grown significantly over the past decade with some of the top ranking sites for games online earning millions and spending millions to stay there. The competition is fierce just like any other industry. The only difference is that most games online are free and when kids are involved it is very important to make sure your content stays user friendly, very user friendly.
I will not go into adult games online which somehow almost always ends up being a poker or some sort of betting game…what is wrong with us adults…lol kidding poker is the best!
Back to games online, the reason I am talking about kids here is because this is what comes up when you search for games online, you get kids games and lots of it. Adults search other things apparently. So if your kids likes games online he is in par with the average kid with access to a computer and internet. Whatever happened to going outside and playing with a ball or something. I guess games online have taken over and the amount of games online out there proves that kids want to play, just not outside or actually involving some physical activity, they want to play games online…
Is this a good thing? or something we as the adults who created the internet have to do something about it because we now see kids born into it in a way we never knew before. They don’t know any better, we do! or do we?

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