Free games download

Ok folks, I tell you this is crazy all the free games download available on the web. What do so many people play these games? Is our generation this hooked to electronics that free games downloaded are among the top ranking activities youngsters do these days.
OK OK free games are cool, but since when do people download stuff? Isn’t it how viruses and Trojan horses get uploaded to computers? Oh and let us not forget that if such a virus does make its way into the computer it is a child’s computer. A BIG NO NO!
I vote to ban game downloads all together! LOL, kidding. But seriously, why are kids downloading so many games? I mean free games download is by far so popular it seems kids these days the first thing they do is find a computer and download a game to pass the time. What about some sports? OMG where are we headed…
Why do we need to download games? Free games download are so popular why are they not streamed? Back in the day we would download stuff today most is streamed and in HD. So I say do the same for the kids! So they do not have to download free games along with whatever the creator decided to add to it. This is by no means a judgment for the good people behind free games download that make a honest (I hope) living. I am sure some are very good at what they do and they provide good quality games with not added malware. But is there anyone governing this? Of course no and until then I hope nothing bad is happening when you download free games online. So kids out there, find yourself a good streaming site that will stream the games on your computer instead of downloading stuff. Worst of all most of the times these kids come over to the grandparents house so bored asking to go to the computer then search free games download and play the quickest game they can find in order to satisfy they fix…adding some malware to grandma’s computer which then will be a whole different issue to deal with…welcome to 2014

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