Cards for humanity

With incorporated content that is explicit and really requires filtering for profanity,cards for humanity is a fast-growing party game that is generally played by a multiples of individuals.This is just an online version of the popular published hard copy card game,Cards Against Humanity.

Users can purchase a copy of the game and go ahead printing it to create the cards.It can also be downloaded from the web under the creative commons licence.However how much the game is satirical,the creators of the game,Max Temkin and seven of his friends,have done a great charity contribution as far as this game is concerned.Despite the profound awkwardness that users encounter when participating in the game,they are given an opportunity to donate to children where the donations are projected to several projects like child education.

The cards against humanity game is simply played in black and white cards.For every round,each player has a chance to ask a question from the black card.All the other participants equally answer the black question card using the white card.They do so by picking the white card with the best or funniest match answer they think fits the question of the black card.The question thrower,owner of the black card for each round,is randomlychosen and given a name as the Card Czar.The card czar is vested with the ability to chose the favorite answer according to the question on the black card,hence whoever is chosen wins that round.This is done repeatedly.

The game having been created with an offensive nature is seemingly not for users who are easily offended,or probably those with a faint heart.The game is actually appealing to those users who are generally honest in their imperfect worlds.The answers are practically developed to sensualize our personalities by the wit and laugh the users experience while playing.

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