Cards Against Humanity videos

We want your Cards Against Humanity videos!

Cards Against Humanity is by far one of the most vulgar card game out there yet absolutely hilarious. Sometime you will need some added help to allow yourself to get pretty creative with your card choices. Alcohol will do the trick and if you are one of the lucky residents of Colorado then go ahead and light one up for me as well. Anyways, getting back to Cards Against Humanity, I recently came across a video of some happy folks playing Cards Against Humanity. It was amazing seeing the jokes they came up with. I actually laughed so hard with them. I truly liked seeing people genuinely laugh their ass off  from this game. They actually had some custom cards made to add to the fun. The idea of filming yourself playing may be hard to actually do, but with the smartphone era at its peak we must have learned how to recognize when something funny is about to happen…and hit record…no?  

Do you have any videos of you and your friends playing Cards Against Humanity? Upload them to YouTube and hit us up with the links. If you happen to be funny enough then we may have to feature your video!

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