We here at Custom Cards Against Humanity loves Black Friday! Who doesn’t? You get so many good deals that come around once a year.
This upcoming Black Friday was awesome but for some people it was “shi**y”. I came across this amazing story. Cards against humanity made a mystery box available to the public. And people bought it!!!
Thirty thousand people bought a mystery box without knowing what is inside. How crazy is that?? Well to be honest it sounds very cool but luckily for me I didn’t order one myself. Why you ask? What was in the box? Lol
I just saw the “Bullsh*t” unboxing pictures. Bullsh**t is the name of the box that cards against humanity sent out for six dollars I believe. The person who ordered it made a great set of pictures which tell the whole story. I actually can not believe they sent that out but all is fair when comedy is at stake.
So great job on creating a buzz but I would actually put something else in the box rather than actual manure…
Well what do you think of this? Is that funny or not?

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