Boys and Girls, it’s time to play

I was told that one of the most popular games currently on Amazon is Cards Against Humanity. What I was not told is that this game is played differently by each person and especially I noticed a difference between the game-play of  boys & girls, men & women, Mars & Venus. If you have not heard of the game I suggest heading to Custom Cards Against Humanity for the most updated cards.

I found out that printing the cards was extremely easy, you can do the same and get your FREE PDF. So, after printing my pack full of new cards I was off to my girlfriends house. She had a couple of friends over and I was picked up by two of my boys. It was a rainy day with no sun what so ever so we decided to keep it in house. We were all good friends and knew each other for a few years so playing Cards Against Humanity with the addition of my printed Custom Cards Against Humanity we got about 3 hours of pure laughter and fun. Most of the jokes were understood by the people there but that is that idea. The idea of the game is to make people that are together at a party or just meeting up in order to share a laugh.

What I did not consider is that people play the game differently oh so differently. The girls were on one team and the boys were on the other. The boys came up with jokes that were at least PG 17 while the girls came up with jokes that were from well, Venus! The difference between boys and girls is great but when it comes to jokes for some reason the boys take it always one step to far, or at least try to cross that red line to see if it breaks. The game is all about having fun and that is just what we did. We as players, human beings need to remember to keep it fairly clean and when you do try to cross that line with the joke make sure its the right audience. Bottom line, the gathering was a blast. We all had a great time and enjoyed the company and the game. My suggestion to you readers out there is to go to Custom Cards Against Humanity and check out the latest creation and create your own version of this best selling game.

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