An entertaining holiday card game

You have probably heard about Cards Against Humanity board game. It is the most popular

game currently on Amazon,

If you have not heard of the game I suggest heading to Custom Cards Against Humanity for

the most updated custom cards for this ever growing game. Remember to purchase the

original game from the creators or from Amazon directly.

So after you get to know the game I am sure you will feel like you have a few good ideas

for some new cards. Custom cards is a perfect place to share your ideas and get awesome

new ones. Also printing them is extremely easy here FREE PDF. Best of all, I was able to find

a French version of the game which I printed on Custom Cards Against Humanity and used

it on my recent Holiday vacation with my family. This brings me to the story about the best

holiday game to play with family and friends.

After printing the cards and adding a few great ones from the site I was off to a sunny

location somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. Meeting me there were 25 of my closest

family and friends which we meet each year at a different location and spend two to three

weeks at a time. This is a very long time to spend with anyone so we all pitch in and bring

along games, sport equipment, recreational items that will help time pass and do it with

added excitement. I brought a soccer ball and Cards Against Humanity game in a couple of

versions. First I own the original version which I added to it about 200 new cards and I keep

adding more every week. The fact that I check Custom Cards Against Humanity every day

to get new ideas and see what people think of mine helped me get some of the funniest

card combinations out there. Many people have Cards Against Humanity game but not

many have a full set of added cards and a full set of Spanish and French cards. See what I

have created is the ultimate bilingual game out there. My family is part French and part

Spanish and almost everybody speaks both languages (including English) and those who

don’t understand most words. The outcome of this, is the single greatest Holiday version

of the very popular party card game. The combined hours of pure laughter that made most

cry and some even let out a drop or two. Some jokes I am sure would just be understood

by the people there but that is that idea. The main idea of the game is to make people that

are together at a party, event or holiday vacation to share a laugh or two. This game pretty

much supplies you with more than a laugh or two and has potential to add many more

laughs. How much potential? About as much as there are words out there and if you speak

more than one language than you have even more potential.

So my suggestion again is go to Custom Cards Against Humanity and check out the endless

possibilities and create your own version of this awesome holiday game.

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